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Doodle Puppy would like to thank you for joining us in our Bordoodle adventure! Some know them as Borderdoodle or Border Doodle, but the technical term is Bordoodle. Bordoodle’s are extremely intelligent. They are a hybrid cross between the two smartest dogs in the world, a Border Collie and a Poodle. This cross is not just an amazing family dog and companion but also one of, if not the smartest and most athletic of Doodle breeds!

Please continue to browse and learn more about this amazing breed. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to fill out our contact form or just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bordoodle Puppies

Doodle Puppy looks at each Bordoodle puppy as a family member. We have a profound appreciation for this wonderful breed. It is our goal to place each puppy with a new home that has the same views we do.

To get things moving forward in adopting one of our Bordoodle Puppies would be to fill out Puppy Adoption Application. Please provide detailed answers when possible. Once the application is submitted, we will respond within 24-48 hours.

Once you have received confirmation that you have been approved you will be able to place a $250 deposit. Not only does your deposit secure a spot to pick your puppy, it also gives you the option to be placed on our Depositors List. If you are on this list you reserve the opportunity to choose a puppy from a future litter. The full amount of your deposit goes towards the purchase price of the puppy.

What is a Bordoodle?

The Bordoodle is a crossbreed between the two most intelligent dogs in the world. First is a purebred Border Collie and second is the purebred Standard Poodle.

Are Bordoodles hypoallergenic?

Along with the low-shedding, the hypoallergenic trait is passed on from the poodle.

Do Bordoodles Shed?

Bordoodles usually have curly, wavy and non-shedding or low-shedding fur.

Are Bordoodles a good family dog?

Bordoodles have a great temperament. They are affectionate, loyal and tolerant. And because they are a cross between the two smartest dogs they are very easy to train.

How big can Bordoodles get?

Bordoodles averages about 18-22″ in height and with usually weight around 40-45bls.

Are Bordoodles active?

Bordoodles being from a Poodle and Border Collie, are at their best when given attention and activities regularly. They are great for anyone or family that is into sports and outdoor activities as well as a ranch or farm.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and check us out. We take great pride in placing each one of our puppies with the perfect home. We hope to hear from you and find out if you are a good fit. Feel free to contact us and check out our available puppies.